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I had to tell him that my poor credit and my debt meant my name couldn’t be on our lease.He was comfortable taking on that responsibility, but some people might be right to be wary.• Put it all out there: “The worst part is that first step.Clayman advises setting a deadline for yourself to broach the topic.My boyfriend and I got truthful about our finances when we began contemplating moving in together.

Once I’d assured him I was no longer adding to the debt, his concerns were alleviated.• Look at someone’s current spending rather than obsessing over their debt: “Not all people who are good with money have no debt, and [there are] people who have no debt and are terrible with money,” said Ryan Bayonnet, a financial advisor at Hyland Financial Planning.

But money has been the hardest subject to discuss openly.

When we started dating, I carried more than 0,000 of debt from student loans, credit cards and back taxes.

This process was easier because she demonstrated she was serious about contributing.

Dunn sees a positive side in talking about financial issues with a partner sooner rather than later.

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