Why is validating data important

Data security refers to the protection of data against unauthorized access or corruption and is necessary to ensure data integrity.That said, data integrity is a desired result of data security, but the term data integrity refers only to the validity and accuracy of data rather than the act of protecting data.The term data integrity also leads to confusion because it may refer either to a state or a process.Data integrity as a state defines a data set that is both valid and accurate.Data Services routinely reviews and updates its data quality checks and procedures to ensure they are robust and in line with any changes to national policy.We aim through reporting, consistent procedures and analytical expertise to ensure that high-quality data is available for NHS analysts to: Consistent, timely and accurate data improves patient care and decision making, both at the local and national level.

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The Data Services team are responsible for ensuring the quality of the data which will be used by analysts working in the NHS, the team undertake monthly checks on the quality of the data we hold.Achieved through a variety of data protection methods, including backup and replication, database integrity constraints, validation processes, and other systems and protocols, data integrity is critical yet manageable for organizations today.Tags: Data Protection 101Chris Brook is the editor of Data Insider.For modern enterprises, data integrity is essential for the accuracy and efficiency of business processes as well as decision making.It’s also a central focus of many data security programs.

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