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Nevertheless, he could totally own the paint in the Chinese league, and that’s exactly where he should be right now.

Bird's office is practically on top of the Pacers' locker room, one floor above.

Beasley has already dominated the Chinese league, and there’s absolutely no doubt about his talent and ability to put a lot of points on the scoreboard, so he should just take his talents there before being involved in yet another scandal in the States, where he’s been nothing but a major disappointment for everyone who trusted him.

The Le Bron James-Lance Stephenson rivalry is among the NBA’s strangest and most entertaining.

He attends all the team's practices and is a frequent visitor to the locker room on off-days.

For Stephenson, it feels like a welcome reunification after a difficult breakup and gradual reconciliation, a career-reviving, if not career-saving event.

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