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Toby has since denied the allegations but April has doubled down.This is roughly a year after the allegations against Sam Pepper. which aligns with her story that their relationship was kept quiet.Ironically, a few months later Toby was involved in a house fire during December 2015.She explains that a lot of April’s story sounded a lot like Toby and that she thinks he Only thing I wanna say: the YT community has known for years that Toby Turner is a monster. & unsurprising — Manzi of the Astral Clocktower (@Manzinat0r) April 9, 2016Pamela Horton, Manzin De Young and Michele Morrow also stated that they support April.The channel currently receives 20k views per video which is a drop from 150k a few years ago.

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Known as either Katers One Seven, Katers17, or Kate In Real Life, she is a You Tube star who has been active on the platform from 2010. Kate Elliot is included in the list of 29 years old famous You Tube Star.Laci Green added to the conversations uploading a video discussing false rape accusations breaking down the myth that of false rape reports.The 7th most subscribed You Tuber, Logan demanded for Toby to apologize or leave yet neither of these two requests were met.On Jul 31, 2010 Toby Games (6.9m subs) was launched and became known for the Happy Wheels and Minecraft series.The channel today receives on average 40k views per video although more popular games can reach up to 150k views.

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