Who is alex pettyfer dating october 2016

Watching Alex Pettyfer play scenes in which he’s in psychotherapy in his directing debut, “Back Roads,” the temptation is overwhelming to put the actor himself on the couch.With this film and his previous one, “The Strange Ones,” a dark, brooding same-sex “Lolita,” Pettyfer isn’t just reaching for the sexually daring and darker-than-dark.At least Pettyfer and screenwriter Tawni O’Dell (adapting her novel) manage to hide their twists and deliver the occasional almost-shocking surprise. Harley Altmyer (Pettyfer) is interrogated by the sheriff (Robert Patrick). ” It’s the pre-cell-phone mid-’90s, and in the film’s one, long flashback, we see the miserable life that put Harley in that spot.He’s a young man, barely out of his teens, wearing the weight of the world in his eyes and on his shoulders.

Like “The Strange Ones,” it fascinates, repels and at times bores as the pot boils and the plot roils.Something about his vulnerability appeals to the neighbor mom Callie (Jennifer Morrison of “How I Met Your Mother”) to a little girl Jody plays with.She chats with him at the supermarket, reaches out to him when he comes to pick up her sister.He’s the guardian of three sisters, their sole provider.Teen sister Amber (Nicola Peltz of TV’s “Bates Motel”) has “started dating.” “Define dating,” Harley acidly observes.

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