Whi is ellen degeneres dating dating an ex heroin addict recovery

She didn't talk about that part of her private life at all, at least not publicly, until she was with Ellen."I was thinking, Well, the people who need to know I'm gay know, and I'm somehow living by example by continuing on with my career and having a full, rich life, and I am incidentally gay, but it's not a big political platform.I justified it in so many ways," de Rossi told in the summer of 2005.Since, however, they've been moms to their various rescue pets (both are dedicated animal lovers and active with related charities), and shooting her talk show obviously takes up a hefty amount of Ellen's time.And she has at least three more seasons of But though they didn't have kids, another milestone that De Generes had hoped for in 2005 did come to pass: On May 15, 2008, after the California Supreme Court struck down a law blocking gay marriage as unconstitutional, De Generes announced on the air that they were planning to tie the knot. 16, 2008, at their Beverly Hills estate, both wearing Zac Posen for their big day.Now Ellen is, to many, right up there with Oprah Winfreyin terms of no-last-name-needed pop culture titans.

"She's changing the world, she really is, and it's exciting to be a part of that." She admitted to , "It's hard having a relationship that's public.And that's important."On their ninth wedding anniversary, she wrote on Instagram alongside one of their wedding photos, "Being her wife is the greatest thing that I am." 10 years ago today, Ellen and I were married.We wanted to share Wayne Dyer’s poignant and special words with you to remind us all how far we’ve come—that we are living in a country that supports #marriageequality #waynedyer A post shared by Portia de Rossi (@portiaderossi) on Last year, they celebrated the big 10 with fans by sharing never-before-seen pictures and video from their wedding day."Ten years ago, Wayne Dyer officiated our wedding ceremony.They've been the subject of as many split rumors as anybody, triggered by anything as innocuous-seeming as a missed award show or a bare ring finger, enough so that De Generes joked about them on her show in 2013.She said she had been flipping through a tabloid that put on its cover that her marriage was crumbling, only to find that article ripped out.

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