Weird dating stories

He’d mentioned that his brother was coming to visit that weekend, but since I hadn’t met or seen him, I assumed he wasn’t arriving until the next day.Wrong: Turns out that he was out with friends and came back shortly after we did, and slept in the common area outside my boyfriend’s room.I will never forget meeting the brother for the first time, wearing the outfit I’d worn the night before, knowing he’d heard all of my drunken moans. ” –Hailey, 29, Brooklyn “One time during sex, my face got so red and confused-looking that the guy finally stopped to ask me if I was OK.

“I impaled my ex’s dick with my IUD when I didn’t wait the appropriate amount of time to have sex.To top it off, right before he came, he said, ‘I’m just gonna finish, I’ll get you next time.’ He proceeded to fall asleep in my bed and I was stuck with him for hours.I was almost afraid to have sex again after that because I thought I was doomed to only ever have horrible experiences like that.” –Sydney, 26, Brooklyn “I was dating a friend of a friend, and he asked me not to tell our mutual friend about us having sex before we had even done anything.He came as soon as the head made it about an inch in.This was all panic-inducing, not to mention he will go down in history as the guy who exclaimed, upon seeing me naked, ‘It’s so cute how your thighs touch!

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