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I'm pretty excited to get the resto underway and rally it much to my partners distress lol (me being 27) =] I've got many hours up on it as is now driving various things but it will be good to see it tarted up again. Please correct me if anyone knows for sure as I love to learn.

Cheers Scott Hello Dan Could you put a picture of the plate up?

The Lister D came in a few horsepower ratings and speeds.

Why don't they update the database to include more recent numbers? They probably have better things to do with their time than keep a public database that is of very little value to them internally up-to-date.

It's a spec 28d2h no 122252 it's 2hp @ 1000 rpm Wanted to know anything I could about it.

It was sold by dangar geydie and malloch (spelling probably not correct) in Sydney according to the plate fitted to the rocker cover. Hello Dan 1936 by the looks and I assume hopper cooled.

Author: clarchick Date: 2010-12-30 Ok, what a confusing blur of information.....I look up serial numbers, sometimes two options come up for the same serial number. click through one of the models and select 'specifications' and you'll find the model numbers. r13's: BC1131-2-0 Bb (silver plated keys) BC1131G-2-0 Bb Green Line(silver plated keys) BC1131-5-0 Bb (nickel plated keys) BC1131G-5-0 Bb Green Line (nickel plated keys) BC1231-2-0 A (silver plated keys) BC1231-5-0 A (nickel plated keys) BC1231G-2-0 A Green Line (silver plated keys) BC1131L Bb with Eb lever BC1231L A with Eb lever BC1531-2-0 Eb (silver plated keys) - Paul private teacher - Dallas, Texas 2017 Date: 2010-12-30 The serial number chart on this site is easy to use Old/ Ken Shaw Author: Brian F Date: 2010-12-30 Hey not to change the subject too much, but I was wondering why my R13 doesn't show up on Buffet's website or most charts.

Also, so many designations- BC1131-2, R13, RC, etc. It's serial is 570/// and I bought it about a year ago.

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