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A series of retcons has rendered their backstories illegible.

During this era of continuity, the twins were the children of a Romani woman named Magda and the supervillain Magneto.

Unlike interracial or homosexual pairings, the scrutiny their partnership comes under is really quite valid.

The metaphor fails because they're both superheroes, known for getting into huge fights in the middle of the city and causing untold amounts of property damage and accidental deaths.

The Vision's story was even more complex, as he was a synthozoid body belonging to the original Human Torch, embedded with the consciousness of Wonder Man and given life by the baddie Ultron.

Later, The Vision and Scarlet Witch became as a couple primarily because they'd both only appeared in the comic.

(Long story short: the Whizzer was a Golden Age Marvel superhero that gained the power of super speed from a blood transfusion with a mongoose.) Wanda chooses to continue pretending he is her father, despite believing it to be Magneto, because she sees him as a lonely old man who could use the comfort.

She, he, and the Vision all go to help rescue his superpowered son Nuklon, who has been raised in a playpen in a lab into his adult years and is so powerful he melts the Vision's arm to slag within moments of their arrival.

The couple was wed in alongside an equally troubling marriage between sometimes-Avenger Mantis and a tree-alien in the form of her deceased lover, The Swordsman.After that, there was a mini-series from 1982 that ran for four issues, and a 1985 maxi-series that ran for twelve, both titled At one point, the Vision and his “brother” Wonder Man encounter the villain known as the Grim Reaper.The Reaper views the Vision as a mockery of his brother while refusing to believe that Wonder Man is his real brother, as Wonder Man was revived from apparent death after his consciousness was kept within a computer for several years.comic series, the Scarlet Witch and the Vision share a common history: they were both introduced as villains.The Scarlet Witch, while teamed up with her brother, showed up for the first time under the control of their on-again/off-again father Magneto in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before both of them ultimately joined the Avengers.

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