Validating certificate trust for windows mobile devices

With secure connectivity via the Black Berry Infrastructure, only Black Berry can deliver end-to-end security without the need for open firewall ports or VPN.The Black Berry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform delivers proven containerization and Mobile Application Management built on decades of experience by the people who invented containerization. Black Berry continuously innovates new approaches for mobile security to uniquely protect the 3 C’s of corporate data – content, credentials and configurations.As a result, in the current release, you cannot implement mutual authentication scenarios – scenarios in which the client sends its own certificates to the web service in addition to receiving one -- using certificates installed in the root store.

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In order to obtain this Digital Certificate you can either use commercial certificate authorities (such as Verisign, Thawte and others), or your own, internally configured certificate authorities – or CA (one example of such a CA would be the built-in CA in Windows Server 2003 – See Install Windows Server 2003 CA for more info).The same certificate is installed in the mobile device w/o problems.When I open the According to Microsoft: In most cases, you do not have to do anything to enable this for your Windows Phone app with the exception of using an address that begins with the https:// protocol scheme.Needless to say this should not be regarded as best practice, however it could be used as a temporary method to bypass the Root Certificate check until you manage to obtain a trusted certificate from a trusted Root Certificate (for example, one of the CAs listed in the Adding Root Certificates to Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC article).In order to add the Root Certificate to your Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC follow these steps: System Requirements Be sure to re-enable certificate checking on the device after you have completed testing and have installed a signed certificate.

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