Validating and tracking email addresses

In addition to this, it also shows that how long each hop from router to router takes. 10 – 14 are all in the USA (a telecom supplier in the USA).

1 is the internet gateway on the network this traceroute was done from (an ADSL modem in this case). 15 – 17 are on the NAC (Net Access Corporation) network and an ISP in the New York area.

Most email clients provide useful header information in the source field.

In many cases, investigators can take help to get the relevant information on suspect email.

Time Out: – The timeout by default is 4,000 milliseconds which amounts to 4 minutes.

There could have been several occasions, in which you received an email from an unknown person and that email could be about anything like threatening, suggestion or some obscene stuff.

This is the main reason why Law Enforcement Agencies all over the World use IP Addresses to trace a Cyber Criminal or Accused.

Now, you can easily find IP address of the email sender using CMD in simple steps.

The Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is one of the core components of the Internet.

If the investigator spends more time on getting them, then the chances of obtaining actual information become lesser.

The Examiner can find IP address of the email sender by using the multiple Command Prompt (cmd) commands.

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