Updating the site content type failed

We have created a mirror site (a test site really) on a different farm so that we can test any changes that are made to the form/library before we affect our actual production site.To keep the two sites in sync, we create any new columns that we would like to promote in our test environment first and then we run powershell to get the information of that new column and create it in the production site so they have the same GUID.

The above changes to web service and database connection timeouts will still work for SP1 and earlier, it's just that you'll need to check Fiddler's output for the actual response to the web service call, as Info Path will still display the cursed "Updating site content type failed" message whilst the web service call is still executing.

Important Do not, under any circumstances, update the content type definition file for a content type after you install and activate that content type.

Share Point Foundation does not track all the changes that are made to the content type definition file.

If you must make updates to a sealed content type, you must set the Sealed property of the content type to false, and then make your changes.

Do not edit the content type definition file directly.

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