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Dedicated PM tracking/reporting tools or office documents (e.g.

MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint) allow more details and more options in terms of presenting information (graphics, formatting, layout, etc.). Unless required to do so, nothing more frequent or you'd spend your time working on your status report (and wouldn't have that much to report on).

I have successfully managed to bring across key concerns and also highlight job well done by the team to management Is as follows - As has previously been mentioned audience is key to the template & frequency of reports.

Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from you audience and make changes.

If your looking for a document template I like quadrant reports.

They provide the ability for a person to quickly scan a document and see a project status visual via a traffic light.

I'll also include some graphs that convey budgeted burn vs. Finally, I tend to include a short paragraph of my interpretations of the information as the leading aspect.

So, as a template: Short paragraph describing my interpretation of the current situation, as well as calling out anybody that deserves positive recognition.

Visit Stack Exchange An effective status report tells your project stakeholders in a clear, concise manner where the project is at and how well it's going.

It's just a Word document that's emailed to the supervisor by close-of-business every Friday (or, if you are taking time off, before you leave on the last working day for the week) and then archived, although with the new archival software, some people have begun to move to writing the status report in the email.

If there are any important issues, you can also include a "notes" section.

As for the format, it's just a bulleted list, referencing an ID (everything has an ID, from defects to tasks to documents) and a few sentences about what we did regarding it.

The overall length of the document should be about a page - if the supervisor has any questions, they'll ask for more details.

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