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Actually the entire bootable image was on the USB drive.However, Bart himself has stated that certain limitations make the whole USB drive approach too flaky to rely on. Customization involves first getting a bootable burn using the default Bart PE download.You can also add the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (Da RT) 10 to the boot image as part of the boot image creation process.For the purposes of this topic, we will use two machines: DC01 and CM01.Well, I think you approaching Bart PE in the wrong way.It's not MEANT to be a fully-functional Windows environment.

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In this section, you create a boot image for Configuration Manager using the MDT wizard.You can use it to boot a machine that has a screwed-up/virus infected/spyware-laden Windows install and fix stuff.It *is* tempting to go nuts with all the plug-ins and have CD-burners and browsers and all kinds of shit on your Bart PE CD, but you'll never use that stuff. I am very interested in learning how to build a custom XP image using Bart PE.With the right plug-ins, you can get pretty CLOSE to having "Windows on a CD", but it's kind of pointless.Bart PE is meant for troubleshooting, more than anything.

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