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most annoyingly frustrating couple would take the cake in real life. By the show’s middle seasons, perhaps they decided there was only so many times Joey could say “how you doin?

But in TV land, the constant on and off again of their relationship is right on par with a lot of television’s romances. ” and paired him up with the love of his best friend’s life.

With your support, Greendale could be all of these things by the end of 2014. He holds up a picture of Luis Guzman and a framed cease and desist.

STARBURNS If Greendale doesn't reopen, you'll miss our Spring Spectacular, featuring appearances by this picture of Luis Guzman and this cease and desist from [CENSORED]. (beat) Is a fact that, if true, would really help us out. CAFETERIA PIERCE sits at a table and talks to not-quite camera.

Ted was left heartbroken, but viewers knew that he didn’t belong with Stella, the girl never even saw pretty much ran the gamut of the dating scene during the series’ run.

With the exception of Eric, she ran through all of the main characters.

might be the only show on this list, and in TV history where putting two completely incompatible people together was the joke. CAMPUS Dean Pelton stands with a number of students. We know the Greendale Experience is one you'll never forget. Because we're not legally allowed to call it an education. So if there aren’t any situations to be laughed at and poke fun at, then there aren’t any sitcoms to be had. SHIRLEY Greendale has a long tradition of sheltering the homeless! In the background, a SCREAMING STUDENT runs by, trying to pull a raccoon off his neck.

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