Tree dating reddit

Posts that reach the 10 vote threshold after an hour are weighted more heavily than posts with less than 10 votes in an hour, or under an hour.

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Elba released a statement on Twitter Thursday explaining that the origins of the play was inspired by his desire to visit his late father’s birthplace in South Africa, reflected in the song “Tree” from his album “Mi Mandela,” which serves as the basis of the play. We wanted to offer an opportunity to support these new writers …

There are also various rules depending on how you are filtering the content.

There is “Top”, which lists all content from your subscriptions based on the total number of votes per post in a descending order.

An exercise in documenting current state: reddit and the decision tree In an earlier post I detailed how you can use RML models to document the current state of your systems and processes by using a Business Data Diagram to illustrate the hierarchy and relationship of objects on the popular content website

In this post we’ll continue to document the functionality of Reddit by showing how posts are populated and posted in a Subreddit view by using the Decision Tree.

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