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The Board argued that they were “bound to follow” the military dis¬ charge procedure.

Meinhold, who was discharged in a pro¬ cess similar to Dunning’s, was reinstated on the grounds that prohibiting lesbians and gays to serve in the military was unconstitutional.

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24 JUNE 17, 1993 395 NINTH ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 Zoe Dunning Found Guilty of Homosexuality by Judi Parks In the first test of the 9th District Court ruling against the ban on gays in the mili¬ tary, Naval Reserve Lieu¬ tenant Zoe Dunning was found guilty of homosexuality and was unanimously recom¬ mended for an honorable dis¬ charge from the U. Bonfiglio, a pro bono attor¬ ney with Morrison and Foer- ster, that it is unconstitutional to discharge Dunning on the grounds that it is illegal for the military to follow illegal or unconstitutional orders.

The three- member Navy Administrative Board of Inquiry heard day¬ long arguments from Gregory A.

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