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But at the same time, people tend to blame girls for that problem.That is not unique to sexting, it’s a problem for how we think about sexual violence in general.Then imagine what it’s like to be a young woman walking through the corridor at school with no clue who has seen your naked picture, and how violated and vulnerable she must feel.As with other forms of sexual violence, girls who have experienced image-based abuse can self-harm, experience suicidal thoughts, and develop anxiety and depression. It’s not a game, and when it comes to non-consensual sharing of nudes – for their sake – it’s time for all of us to take it seriously. Some girls lose their school, their friends and networks, others lose out on being treated with the respect that they deserve.Actually, right at the beginning of the panic about sexting, there was an article in the AARP magazine advocating sexting as a fun way to spice up your love life for the 50-plus set.

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We routinely hear from girls who have had their private and personal pictures shared and then, in the space of seconds, those same images have been spread like wildfire both within and beyond school communities.Some studies of young adults show that 60 percent of young people are sexting.Of course, it depends on how you define “sexting”—people are more likely to send text messages than sexual photos, but sending photos is quite prevalent as well.It is those boys who abuse this trust who are responsible, and they are the ones who should face the consequences.As a country, we need to talk about consent, and what that looks like in practice.

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