Speed dating club nyc

Techno Speed Dating is new territory for the native New Yorker, but as a photographer by trade and creator of Brooklyn’s Kiss & Tell parties, which she’s been running since 2005, Devres is a vet of the Brooklyn nightlife and electronic scene.During her 10-year relationship with Bryan Kasenic, co-founder of The Bunker, she assumed the role of official party host of the venue.

She got the idea for TSD after hosting Kiss & Tell: First Date where guests had to bring a first date or new friend to the party (one of her many themes from over the years). I feel like we’ve been interacting one-on-one and courting one-on-one since the beginning of time and I just feel like these dating apps are not a healthy way to interact with people or to look for a potential mate,” she said.

Devres agrees that the soundtrack (spun by DJ SPRKLBB) doesn’t necessarily stick to the genre.

“I told him to pretend like it’s wedding cocktail music,” she joked and admitted that calling it Techno Speed Dating was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek move on her part.

I just want people to feel comfortable and know that everyone is in the same boat.

That’s what makes it really special; we’re all there, we’re all single, we’re all taking a chance and meeting strangers and that can be really intimidating but I try to create a comfortable atmosphere,” she said.

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