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The museum will feature a live demonstration on July 21, 2019, the opening date of the exhibit.

But Mayans have acquired smart phones and satellite dishes just like the rest of us, and this exhibition is keen to show how the tradition has adapted to changing modern tastes.

The Guatemalan Civil War that raged between 19 disproportionately victimized Mayans, and that's a history you see reflected in the clothing as well.

"The political upheaval changed the style of dress," noted Di Placido, adding something as basic as dyes were made of what was available.

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When you quilt, your quilting stitches will tend to make the quilt top, back and batting get somewhat smaller, and generally at different rates.It is likely that there will be just a small amount of the extra backing that actually remains in your quilt. I would use binding to cover the extra little strip. Before cutting fabric for the binding, measure how much of the backing you want to cover up. That will give you enough fabric to sew a ¼” of binding on the front, fold it around to the back, and secure it well past the seam for the extra fabric you pieced onto the back. The museum has posted explanatory text in English and Spanish, but perhaps it was a bridge too far to add Mam to the mix.Mam is a Mayan language spoken by about half a million people in throughout Central America.

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