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“Usually they’re just like, ‘Wow, that’s really interesting’ or ‘Wow, how does that work? They’re like, ‘So you had a mom and a dad and they divorced?

’ and then I have to explain to them that there is sperm donation,” Paige said. ’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’ve always had two moms.’” Both Paige and her older sister are biologically related to Lima, and were born from the same sperm donor.

In 2004, Kathy and Cindy got married for the first time when former mayor Gavin Newsom decide to issue marriage licenses in San Francisco.

“We saw it on the news the night before and we woke up in the morning – it was Valentine’s Day – and we said, ‘Well, we have to do this! “There was a line wrapped around the block, and it was this really exciting moment.” However, their marriage license was revoked months later.

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“Usually when I tell people, they’re just really surprised,” Paige said.Kathy said that instead of gravitating towards certain jobs in the house based on gender, she and her wife take on duties that work the best for each of them.“In our household, we kind of gravitate towards the things we do well and or that we can tolerate or don’t mind doing versus anything stereotypical,” Kathy said.“There’s always that awkward feeling.” Cindy said that she was concerned about the difficulties Paige and Lindsey would face from having gay parents, but she also believes it has made them stronger.“I think my concerns were that my kids stay away from drugs, and will they drive safely, and will they get a good education. And then of course I hope who we are doesn’t make it hard for them, knowing they would face it,” Cindy said. I think they’re both much stronger for the little things they had to deal with.” Kathy said that she believes her kids have also benefited from growing up without seeing gender roles in the home.

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