Self esteem dating

What events or circumstances have led to this poor self-image?

Girls may have had an absent or wholly undemonstrative father and came to believe that they were unworthy of love.

How many of us have attended a 20-year high school reunion, only to discover that some of the most popular, self-assured kids have turned out to be not so successful in life and that some of the “nerds” and “outsiders” have done wonderful things with their careers?

You may feel a lack of confidence in social situations.

Your body language may be negative and you will not respond to others positively.

Perhaps they were “outcasts” during their teen years.

Looking for these causal factors is important, because you can gain good perspective and understand that those factors are not in your life now and need not be impacting who you are today. If an individual working on self-esteem is currently in a relationship, it is important to be honest about what behaviors that condition causes in relationships.

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