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Tuberculosis (TB) was once a major killer in Europe, but it is unclear how the strains and patterns of infection at ‘peak TB’ relate to what we see today. tuberculosis, representing 12 distinct genotypes, obtained from human remains from eighteenth-century Hungary using metagenomics. Our results suggest that metagenomic approaches usefully inform detection and characterization of historical and contemporary infections.

Bayesian phylogenetic dating, based on samples with well-documented dates, places the most recent common ancestor of this lineage in the late Roman period. tuberculosis genotype and we document an intimate epidemiological link between infections in two long-dead individuals.

“We’d have all the confidence in the world (bringing him up), basically playing him anywhere,” Rays manager Kevin Cash told the Tampa Tribune. The Motter move likely signals that Tim Beckham will start the season with the Rays.

With one option remaining on his contract, Beckham could very well see time in Durham if a roster spot is needed for the big league club. ) transactions for the Bulls, with a few players on the “Durham Shuttle.” The Shuttle is the affectionate term for players who are called up or sent down to accommodate holes in the Rays’ roster due to injury, fatigue or performance.

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Any Bulls players who could be the Rays’ fifth starter when needed will use this as another chance to prove themselves as a viable full-time fifth starter for the big league club.

The less-heralded catcher position battle in Tampa Bay could have affected the Bulls roster this season, as Curt Casali, Rene Rivera and Hank Conger all vied for two spots on the roster.

Here, we address these questions by analysing 14 historical genome sequences of M.

tuberculosis with well-documented dates, obtained from human remains from eighteenth-century Hungary using shotgun metagenomics (direct sequencing of DNA from samples without target-specific capture or amplification).

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