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This is how the locals like to party, because generally we don’t spend all night in one bar or club, we like to move around and look for more and more parties.

Forget about long drives in Riga, everything is so close and taxi in Riga is easy to find and prices are pretty cheap.

We want you to bring back good memories of visiting Riga.

This is one of the reasons why bachelors chose to celebrate their stag do parties directly in Riga – beautiful girls, cheap booze and crazy party all night long.

Speaking about the Riga Old Town you definitely will not be disappointed with the nightlife, it`s very lively, sometimes even crazy.

There are various nightclubs and great bars all around the Old Town, which invite locals and foreigners to party till the sun is shining.

As we already told - Riga Old town is quite compact, so you will be able to visit three, four or even more Riga Pubs, Bars and Clubs each night.

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