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Since there is no official way to pause Windows Update downloads, at times, Windows Update might begin downloading updates all over again by ignoring or deleting already or partially downloaded update files.If for some reason, you want to pause Windows Update downloads for the time being or permanently, you can use the given below directions. Download is unstalled, but instead of resuming from 1.5 gigs, it started downloading all the way from 0. This is what the support article says: Resume interrupted i Tunes Store downloads Learn how to restart a download of music, movies, or TV shows from the i Tunes Store if the download gets interrupted.If you still can't restart your downloads, get more help.

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Would not it be handy if there was an option to pause Windows Update downloads?

So whenever i Tunes stops, I have to discard the already downloaded amount of the file.... It's frustrating, as I have a very slow and intermittent internet connection, and I've been trying to download a 2Gb update since yesterday, but I get interrupted halfway through. Thanks In case of system restart, how to save the data already downloaded so as to not start over and lose the data previously saved. Provide a clear explanation of what it is you are trying to do and in what environment (i.e., there are lots of "downloads" - i OS Updates, i Cloud Photo Library Downloads, Media Restoration downloads after a restore. GBThe problem is that you aren't understanding the basic question above. Apple is lame and makes you start a download back at 0% when your wifi signal is interrupted or slow.

Obviously, "GB", the support text does not cover this. We would like to know how to resume like almost every other product out there offers.

Your download might not finish because: If you can't complete the download on your i OS device, download it in i Tunes on your Mac or PC . You can also transfer purchases from your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod to a computer.

Restart a download on a Mac or PC Hello,thanks for the kind reply. I always have to restart the download all over again, since it doesn't work as it should and as described. Resume doesn't actually resume download, it starts download from scratch. Then we will see if there is anything that can be done.

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