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They just weren't married in the traditional way that Ben and Michael were.'Queer as Folk' Reunion: Creators Talk Early Obstacles and a Potential Reboot: "We'd Be Open To It" Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman talk with THR about the impact of the Showtime drama 10 years after it wrapped its five-season run: "People came for the queer and stayed for the folk."Never seeing each other and not being together romantically are two different things.

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Harold was terrible; both lesbians were terrible; Gless is a talented lady but chewed the scenery; Sparks was not only miscast, he couldn't deliver a single line convincingly and had zero chemistry with anyone else onscreen. Sparks was the problem--he was a terrible actor, had about two different emotions and is better suited for something like the Disney Channel sitcom he is in now.Lipman: Justin went off to New York, which is an hour away from Pittsburgh.There's no reason why they wouldn't see each other.He has no acting talent at all, at least, not on stage.I thought the relationship drama with Justin and Brian got really old after three seasons, but the actors still had to beat that dead horse over and over again.

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