Prewar gibson mastertone banjo dating

I can travel anywhere and I pay good prices promptly! Please call or e-mail today for an appointment to see, play or discuss the larg est selection of guaranteed original, 1930’s Prewar Gibson Conversion Banjos as well as fully original Prewar Flathead Mastertones.I strive to keep the largest selection on hand at all times.Twenty to thirty years ago you couldn't give away a bow tie RB250, now they are collector's items.Twenty years from now everyone may be looking for the style that you have.The Jim Mills Banjo Showroom is over 1,000 square feet dedicated solely to Prewar Gibson Banjos and related memorabilia. Where else can you sit down, relax and enjoy 5 completely original, Prewar Flathead, 5-String Gibson Mastertones in one place at one time in peace and quiet and with a good cup of coffee?Call me today at: (919) 608-0355 Or e-mail me at: Jim Mills Banjo@Acoustic Box Stringed Instrument Repair by Richie Dotson Trust the man Jim Mills Trusts!Gibson also made a 150 model, a 500 model and an 800 model at various times, the 500 and 800 being gold-plated.T The fiddle headstocks don't have the art-deco appeal that the flyswatters have.

The classified ads on here are a good place to look for replacement parts. Probably find a (modern) replacement on Ebay, First Quality Music, or

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(for detailed information about the various models, see Gibson Banjo Models) The Gibson factory at 225 Parsons Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, ca:1940.

The thing that screws into is referred to as a thumbscrew.

You can find one of those with the lug as mentioned above.

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