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Google Cache, and The Wayback Machine, volunteers salvaged most of the articles and images from the original site.In October 2013, Oh Internet was closed after vandals targeted it.Photos and personal data of some of the more prominent users were also revealed (Doxed), particularly user Zaiger.Most ED articles avoid a "neutral point of view" and encourage sarcasm, hyperbole, and other kinds of mocking the article's subject; they are not required to be referenced or have any basis in fact.was the sole method of information removal and revision that does not involve the legal system.

On June 27, 2011, the forums were hacked again, and the email addresses of every registered member were posted to Pastebin and published in a blog owned by Google and Wikipedia critic Daniel Brandt entitled Encyclopedia Dramatica: There is no Joseph Evers.

Unfortunately the site is so massively overshadowed by 4Chan, that no self respecting normal person will ever have heard of them.

Even most Wikipedia users have no idea the site exists.

It has been compared to an internet version of a tabloid and the Devil's Dictionary.

Encyclopedia Dramatica contains a large amount of pornographic and shock images, including advertisements on the sidebars that featured mostly adult content.

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