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Following such termination or suspension, you cannot attempt to register as a member or make use of our services, unless we inform you that the suspension was lifted.You acknowledge and accept that the termination of your membership, for any reason, implies that the content you added on the Website may, in One2one Heart discretion, be (partially) deleted.He not only brought people close, but also played a major role in redefining the standards of dating.

Such termination or suspension can take place without prior notice, although we will always inform you afterwards by email.Membership You can gain access to our services and become a member of the Website by creating a profile on the Website.No person may subscribe more than once, not even by using a different name.These Terms & Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy and the Code of Conduct, constitute the entire agreement between you and One2One Heart ("Agreement").The services offered by One2One Heart are for adults only.

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