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Martin, who has taught Science for a number of years at Summer Bay High is introduced when Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) introduces him as the new deputy, replacing the departed Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn).

Following Sally’s stabbing at the hands of Johnny Cooper (Callan Mulvey), Martin is appointed principal by the school board.

The 21st season of Home and Away began airing from 28 January 2008.

Principal Martin Bartlett, played by Bob Baines was the first introduction of the year in February.

The strain of recent events becomes apparent and Martin leaves for a cruise but not before appointing Gina Austin (Sonia Todd) new principal.

Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry) later defuses the bomb.When Axel wakes up in hospital, he is reluctant to tell the police anything and suspicion falls on Geoff and Aden.Belle quickly works out Aden is responsible for Axel's attack after he shows his callous attitude, stating that Axel "got what he deserved".Trent Dalzell as Axel Hay, David Downer as Ross Buckton and Celeste Dodwell as Melody Jones made their first appearances in March. Jordan Rodrigues and Oliver Davis joined the cast as Jai Fernandez and Oliver Phillips in May.Esther Anderson and Rebecca Breeds made their debuts as Charlie and Ruby Buckton in June.

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