Notifydatasetchanged not updating

This means that the object has not changed, but the contents may have changed.

So here you provide logic to check whether the contents of the two items changed.

It helps to calculate the difference between an old list and a new list and trigger updates to list items.

If you are new to Recycler View checkout my previous posts.

Diff Util can be very useful when showing a list of data using Recycler View where the data can be changed in future based on new values.

Unlike List View, Recycler View’s adapter provides the following notify methods to only update those items that changed.

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How can I notify the Recycler View only refresh the 2nd and 3rd items instead of using I am wondering about this too because I did the challenge from Chapter 10 regarding only having Crime List Fragment update the item selected rather than the entire list of Crimes even though only one can change.If the view that has to be created is on the screen currently.For eg: a list of names in Alphabetical order and at a time only 4 items are visible —-Just call notify Data Set Changed () whenever you add a user to the arraylist.For example, if only the name of the place changed, we need not update the whole item. I am using a Bundle to return the values changed: Places Diff Callback callback = new Places Diff Callback(this.places, places); Diff Util.Diff Result diff Result = Diff Util.calculate Diff(callback); this.places.clear(); this.All(places); diff Result.dispatch Updates To(this); Like how useful it is, there are some trade-offs using this class.

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