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You can read all about MRTG here, but here are some brief notes. You will need to install and enable Windows SNMP on your PC for monitoring of the PC to work. To run Perl, I suggest you create a small script which runs the Perl interpreter with the main ~107 k B mrtg file as a parameter, and that file itself need a parameter to tell it where to find its configuration file, so you end up with a command like: where the TIMEOUT command allows me to see on the screen that the command has been started, and using the START command allows me to run MRTG minimised. You will have your own preferred way for doing this. I have presented the configuration files as a base file, to which you can add the include files as you desire and as your expertise in using MRTG builds. Please be careful when copying and pasting the examples below - sometime a very long line will wrap and produce errors from MRTG. Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controlleripconfig Ethernet adapter EUMETCast SR1: Connection-specific DNS Suffix .

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Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller 10...20 cf 30 c7 bb 49 ...... You can alter those directories without losing any log files when you restart MRTG. (set snr=%snr:~0,1%%snr:~2,1%) else (set snr=%snr:~0,2%%snr:~3,1%) echo %snr% echo 0#--------------------------------------------------------------- # S300N - receiver Es/No #--------------------------------------------------------------- Target[snr]: `snr.cmd` Max Bytes[snr]: 18 0 YTics[snr]: 6 YTics Factor[snr]: 0.1 Factor[snr]: 0.1 Unscaled[snr]: dwmy Title[snr]: Novra S300N Es/No Options[snr]: gauge, nopercent, growright, unknaszero, noo Short Legend[snr]: d B YLegend[snr]: Es/No: d B Legend I[snr]: Es/No: Legend1[snr]: Received Es/No (signal-to-noise ratio) Page Top[snr]: #--------------------------------------------------------------- You will now see why I put the HTML and Images into the same separate directory - they are all the files you need to upload to your Web server!If you are already running a local Web server its /mrtg/ directory might be a suitable choice, if it has one. Leave the "Timezone[_]: UTC" as reporting world-wide is in UTC and not local time.

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