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Producer and fellow Def Poet Al Be Back revealed he would be producing on the album as well. Mos Def appears alongside Kanye West on the track "Two Words" from The College Dropout album, the track "Drunk And Hot Girls" and the bonus track "Good Night" off West's third major album, Graduation. In April 2008, he appeared on the title track for a new album by The Roots entitled Rising Down.

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The performance was recorded for an upcoming "Live in Concert" DVD.

Anwar was featured on the Grammy Award winning Chemical Brothers Album "Push The Button" on the song "Left…

), is an American rapper, singer, actor and activist.

So So Def Recordings, Def Leopard, Def Jam Recordings also has def in their name.

Def Leppard's name comes from an intentional misspelling of the words Deaf Leopard.

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