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When he started squeezing Maisie's ass I knew whose he was really thinking about. "I don't think I can shag them," she said nervously. "Head over there," I motioned toward the edge of the bed, "and Maisie will take care of you first.

Chloe may not have much in the tits department but those legs of hers were insatiable, Keke thought to herself. " Keke's attention turned away from Chloe and toward Sophie Turner, who sat cross-legged in the chair to Keke's right. The redhead looked incredible in her tight-fitting, low-cut top and her black skirt showed off the pale skin of her thighs and calves. Taylor gets gangfucked by a group of black cocks and everyone immediately creams their pants," Keke scoffed.You HAVE TO be a slut." I helped lift her drink to her mouth."You need to be the biggest slut in Hollywood." I tipped the glass, forcing her to drink faster."Ended the night on my back getting double-teamed from both ends while jerking off the other two white dicks in my hands.Nothing quite like the contrast of all those white boys fucking my black body senseless.

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