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Generally you’d only want to trash caches if they’re hogging a large amount of storage capacity, or if a particular app is not functioning properly or is serving stale data served from old cache.

Despite what some “cleaner” apps might claim, cleaning our Mac cache and temporary files is not going to give your computer a magical super performance boost or make you more popular with the ladies and gents, all it does is remove temporary files from the computer.

You should always back up your Mac before performing any procedure like this.

Backing up insures that if you mess up, or if something goes awry, you have a recent backup handy to restore the computer to. Backup your Mac with Time Machine before beginning.

While most apps will handle cache management on their own, and Mac OS will handle some other cache type files directly too, more advanced users can manually intervene and clear out their own cache and temporary files from a Mac as well.

To be clear; this is not a recommended task, nor is clearing caches and temporary files on a Mac something that you should need to perform.

There are various system level cache files and folders and most of them should never be manually interfered with, doing so can result in all sorts of unexpected behaviors or worse. The safest way to clean out the Mac system caches and temporary system files is by simply rebooting the Mac as discussed here.

This is as easy as it gets: Rebooting triggers specific system maintenance tasks in Mac OS that automatically and safely deletes Temporary Items and the /private/var/ folders in Mac OS with zero manual intervention of effort.

If you are aiming to clean out web browser caches, a better approach is to empty cache in Safari on the Mac or empty cache in Chrome on the Mac, both of which can be done directly from the web browser apps themselves.This includes Mac system caches like sleep images, swap and virtual memory, tmp folders, completed software updates, Mac App Store caches, and much more.Do you have any particular experiences, opinions, or thoughts about clearing caches and cleaning temporary files from a Mac? Sometimes it might help particular app performance, but usually it does not.If you don’t have a specific reason to clear Mac caches, don’t do it.

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