Ladder capital dating

This will build the tension and she will wonder when you’re going to actually kiss her. Don’t use too much tounge at first, just use it to tease her, and build anticipation.

Overt Class 2 Examples: * Frontal Hugging (done best as a positive reaction to her compliance) * Escorting her through the bar with your hand on her lower back * Sitting next to her and placing her leg over yours * Holding her abdomen on the side while sitting down and talking * Placing her hand on your thigh Her hair, face and neck are the regions included in class 3.

If you have overt class 3 kino taken care of, you’re probably in the right spot.

A technique for building sexual tension – move closely in, slowly as if you might kiss her, and then move away and start talking about something else.

Shaking hands, tapping people on the shoulder and brushing arms are all very common things that we do on a daily basis. occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation, it is extremely effective at building initial comfort.

Incidental Class 1 Examples: * Hand shaking * Arm brushing * Light touching on her arm to emphasize your points * Anchoring her arm near elbow to hold her close as you talk * Standing next to her with your arm touching hers * High Fives * Palm Reading There is an unmistakable recurring pattern throughout the DEL: incidental kino, followed by overt kino.

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