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We moved through the house to the kitchen following Marike’s ass down the passage when we got in to the kitchen I got a bit of a fright standing doing the washing up was what I assume was their domestic worker Marike introduced her as Thembi and she will fix us a drink, to say I was al itle taken aback was an understatement but just then Koos cam still with his cock out and said hi to Thembi and introduced me she smiled as said hello, koos looked at me and saud “het jy ‘n problem mey die kleur” of course not I said I love sex with all shapes sizes and colours.

We moved through to a shaded lapa area with a pool and as it was such a hot day Koos suggested we have a swim to cool off while Thembi fetched the drinks, we all started to strip and I got a better look at both of them Marike although she was in her 60s she still looked good her breasts where a little saggy and full of freckles but still looked great she peeled her stocking off and then her panties revealing a perfectly smooth pussy she caught me looking and laughingly said Thembi shaves it for her once a week, Koos was very skinny with a thin cock and no hair on his chest, under his arms or his cock which had now gone limp I wondered how I looked to them 10-15 cm taller than both and on the heavy side and full body of dark hair (well except where the grey has moved in) I could see Marike looking at me and smiling, just then Thembi came through with the drinks and smiled, Koos said lets swim, so I jumped in the pool and we swam and messed around a bit then Marike got out and grabbed her drink and sat on the pools edge beckoning me over I moved in between her legs and took the drink, she lifted her leg and put it over my shoulder so I kissed her on the leg and started to work my way higher eventually reaching her pussy and started liking the length of her lips she was already sopping wet so it was quite easy to slip first 1 finger and then 2 in to her pussy and started to finger fuck her while I was liking and nibbling her clit.

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