Jeep dating

It probably shouldn’t matter as much as it does, but the truth is most people will judge you to some extent on your choice of wheels.

And apparently, Jeep owners garner more attention than all others – at least when it comes to folks looking for love at the online dating website .

Yes, such a thing is tremendously superficial, but hey, we’re car fans.

Still, lying about the car you own is probably better than lying about how much you weigh. See Willys-Overland Production Figures 1945-61 on the CJ-3B page for a list of serial numbers of Willys vehicles.Body Tags The earliest 1949 CJ-3As have a body number tag below the serial number tag on the firewall.The CJ-3A was produced for five model years, 1949 to 1953.Two other civilian Jeep models overlapped the CJ-3A's production.

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