Is maplestory updating today december 7

When you first log in, there is no character in this world. Do you feel crowded in Aquila with many advanced players?Not to worry as your existing characters are still in Aquila. Everyone gets a fair chance to start a new adventure together in Bootes.Posts and topics will still remain but you will not be able to retrieve them. October 10th, 2012 Several forums are being archived to reorganize the forum into a more clean state.The structure is as follows: Maple Tip Maple Story Blog - Moved to Discussion Central Discussion Central Rename Lounge to "Off-topic" Remove Download Sharing, Member's Gallery, Debate, Videos, and Hot Topics. Forums that have been dead for quite some time will be moved into an archive category which you are free to look at but not post in.Bootes is equivalent in every aspect to Aquila, having the same maps, same NPCs and same quests. If you are an existing player, your current character(s) will remain as they were, in Aquila.This new world provides more room for adventure in Maple SEA. You may use your existing Maple account to visit Bootes.Some of the locations, I’ve not been lucked to find them.

We apologize for the inconvenience if you encounter any slowness or downtime due to the upgrade.

With the new year just beginning, we are proud to announce that the Maple Tip website, Maple Tip Forums, and the Maple Wiki are now fully encrypted via SSL end to end. Thanks December 14th, 2013 Maple Wiki will be migrating to the cloud on Monday, December 3rd 2013 at pm Central Time.

If you are browsing one of our sites, you will now notice that there is a padlock in the URL indicating that we are using SSL. The migration will enable the wiki to be highly redundant and scale with traffic.

To welcome you to the new world, Nemi the NPC, will be waiting for you in Lith Habour.

Once again, she will issue the Mark of Beta bandana to assist the new adventurer starting from 15th July 2005 to 25th July 2005. Bootes is a new world starting with 8 new channels in Maple SEA.

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