Intentional community dating

GEN Europe consists of a constantly expanding network of intentional com­munities, ecovillages and national ecovillage networks.

We support the creation and development of new and existing ecovillages through training, education, networking and advocacy.

The options on provisional membership polls are: ACCEPT, REJECT, VISIT AGAIN.

Provisional member polls are distributed to all members.) Members will have up to ten days to give input or respond to a poll. There are no set restrictions on interpreting input or poll results. Flexibility and consensus are valued in making Team decisions.2.

Exceptions, such as setting aside money to have dental work, etc.

done while at Twin Oaks, must be worked out with the Dental Manager/Health Team and Legal Manager, as appropriate.9.

All incoming members are required to have a medical exam and must send back a completed medical exam form to our Health Team before they return to the community as members.

If the CMT learns significant new information about a visitor who has been accepted for provisional membership but has not yet joined the community, and this information causes the team to question cos membership, the CMT may suspend the acceptance decision until the team has a chance to talk with co.If, on good authority, the CMT learns that serious bad faith declarations were made during an interview, the CMT may, at their discretion, revoke an acceptance decision before provisional membership has begun. If the ex-member has been gone less than a year, the Membership Team issues a provisional member poll to full members with the following options: ACCEPTACCEPT WITH FEEDBACK (a contract is not a possible outcome of the Feedback)FEEDBACK (a contract is a possible outcome)ABSTAINREJECTWhenever possible, the Membership Team will complete the initial poll prior to the ex-member’s return.a.If fewer than 10% of the full members vote REJECT, FEEDBACK or ACCEPT WITH FEEDBACK, then the returning ex-member is accepted as a provisional member without further process.b.Approved by Community Planners 9/96Clarifying corrections made 11/96I. At its discretion, the Community Membership Team (CMT) may excuse a labor shortfall in one week, but in any event, the prospective member is required to have made quota for at least two weeks.1. Co is given an informational briefing about the membership process.b. The prospective member is expected to have made quota for cos entire visitor period.

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