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The tension gauge should read 36 (390 lbs.) for all of these measurements. If your hull is older, try using 33 (320 lbs.) or less if the hull deforms. We recommend using three shroud pin settings for the different wind conditions. You will have toone hole down to maintain tension move the spreaders forwardat this rake. 0 to 1Underpowered Epsilon/Needlespar/Z Spar/Goldspar Neutral ("0" Mark)Superspar M7 0 to -1Powered Epsilon/Needlespar/Z Spar/Goldspar Maximum Superspar -1 to -2Overpowered Epsilon/Needlespar/Z Spar/Goldspar Ease from maximum as needed to depower Superspar -2 to -1Boom Vang Do not use the vang upwind until the boat is overpowered.

DOCR Vision Statement: A safer North Dakota through effective correctional services.

DOCR Value Statements: Free Through Recovery is a community based behavioral health program designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns.

As the wind and waves increase, continue raising the board to keep the boat sailing efficiently and easy to steer.

Over 24 knots, the sails can not be depowered any more and the board is the only depowering tool.

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