I kissed dating goodbye thoughts

This is what writer Katelyn Beaty called the “sexual prosperity gospel,” an “if/then” transactional relationship with God that manufactures a series of promises from scripture and then creates a form of Christian entitlement and expectation.“I did what you asked, Lord, now may I see my reward?” Beaty’s critique is well taken, and it’s certainly true that purity culture built a series of (often wildly unrealistic) expectations about the marriage relationship that awaited kids who courted. Each one of those things altered a person’s self-definition.

I was also a commercial litigator in a big law firm, and suddenly I had two full-time jobs. The previous youth pastor had even declared “no date ’98,” placing a moratorium on every kid in the youth group: not even a single date for the entire year.

“By all the measurements I have for defining a Christian,” he said, “I am not a Christian.” He apologized to the LGBT community for not affirming gay marriage and for the ways that his writing and speaking “contributed to a culture of exclusion and bigotry.” For Christians, it’s a sad statement, but it’s also full of real integrity.

Rather than try to jam Christianity into his evolving worldview, he respects orthodoxy by opting out.

The year was 1998, I was a youth volunteer at a small church in Georgetown, Ky., when our youth pastor left.

Until we could find a new youth pastor, I was in charge.

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