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It is simply recognizing the diverse backgrounds of people such as Mariah Carey or Barak Obama to use such a word.

Dogru144 30 July 2006 (UTC) There is tension within the Black community regarding discrimination in favor of light-skinned Black people. This article is an appropriate place to recognize this issue, and to recognize the literature, scholarly and first-hand memoir literature on this issue.

"On the other hand, although the mule has the best characteristics of both the horse and the ass, their hybrid nature leaves them sterile. (probably from muwallad anyway) Actual meaning and ethymological origin are far from the same. For example, there are some 300 million people in the US.

Fact is nobody thinks about mules or other animals when they see mulattoes and/or their families. These pseudoarguments are usually brought up by those who want to erase mulatto identity, ursurpate it because they have self-esteem issues, claim mulatto history for themselves and perpetuate a racist eugenist rule, simply because they suffer from inferiority complexes. A group of, say, 30,000 muleattos simply can't go to the government and ask for "protection" whereas 20 million mestizos can. Because they are an economic powerhouse and there is power in numbers - don't forget that Mexico has almost 90 million mestizos. Whenever they start yapping it's always about not wanting to be "black" then it stops there.

Muleattos are a fraction of the black population which is a fraction of the US population.

If you can get millions and millions of muleattos to back you, and march with you and hold protests with you and so forth, then you're game.It is also inaccurate as multiracial humans are not sterile. So you can't say that mulattos have 'no protection' period - it needs to be specified if/that there are places where there is no protection or a particularly unusual/discriminatory quirk in the nature of protective/minority legislation.Since this was written the Racial purity article has been modified. Mules are actually more intelligent than both horses and donkeys but who cares where the word is derived from? Why won't the world drop what it's doing and pay attention to our plight - the plight of muleattos! Bridesmill , (UTC) The fact of the matter is for any group to have "protection" it must offer some sort of economic incentive - it must show that it can add substantially to the economy.The majority of all black children grows up in fatherless households. --Chueyjoo , 25 January 2006 (UTC) This off-topic paragraph highlights the need to have separate sections discussing the separate histories of the two places: "Nevertheless, independent of their actual numbers, the history of the population of Puerto Rican mulattos is independent from those of the US.Maybe those are some of the reasons why Creole Me comes on here whining, trying to force a black identity on mulattoes, but throwing insults won't change anything. All of the people in the list are white, if we apply the rule in a fair way. Its interesting that i find this kind of resistence from creoles and their supporters. You dont like the word mulatto, and so you are a creole wannabe. Kid Suggest a ban for this self-hating, anti-mulatto terrorist guilty of vandalising all wiki pages using the word 'mulatto'. Prior to the Spanish-American War - when Puerto Rico became a commonwealth of the United States - Puerto Rico was an integral part of the Spanish Empire, and it still constitutes a cultural-geographic segment of Latin America, thus their history is a shared one with those from Hispanic America and Brazil." Well, duh!

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