How to cope with dating a workaholic

You are clearly depressed, which is not surprising giving that he is abusive and you are unemployed and isolated Here are my suggestions for you:- get counselling ASAP (ask your GP about free/low cost counselling or go private)- read ‘Why does he do that?

” by Lundy Bancroft- take a break from him, maybe go and visit family or friends for a long weekend or even a week.

One thing that helped was knowing that there was an end to the schedule..the end of the semester he'd be done. Workaholics often have poor health since they make no time for eating right or exercising.

Becoming a work out buddy with a workaholic may force them out of the work place and into doing something else.

Yet, the wife must understand that at times the work may be very important for the husband and she must not nag him on account of that.

Understanding his pressures at work can create a congenial atmosphere at home.

Living with someone like that has made you depressed. I just want to know strategies to cope with the feelings of isolation, not having anyone who cares.

I think I need to fill my day with activities so I have no time to think and feel lonely until I find a way to build back career Get in contact with former work colleagues, maybe look at volunteer work.

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Staying put seems preferable because it's what you know and is comfortable and you are loyal and married. He is critical and judgemental which is very bad for your self esteem and confidence. Start dreaming what sort of life you'd be happy in and what sort of lovely, caring people you want to share your life with. Good luck op on taking the first step to improving your life and happiness.Dh is on a very high position in a well known global organisation. I'm assuming you've already spoken to him of your feelings and he isn't interested in changing. Money is not a problem as such but dh is a little dominating and judgemental. You’re H doesn’t want the same things as you and surrendering so much power to him over your life and future is a choice, a not very good one. Raising kids on their own and everybody’s perfectly happy. Say you’ll consider going to the US if as soon as you get there it’s fertility clinic for a child. It’s the 21st century not Victorian times so you don’t need a bloke to get what you want out of life. Please OP leave this man - you marriage sounds utterly miserable. You will be a trailing spouse with no right to work. Whether you go back to your old job/career area or whether you try something new, get out of the house and start living your life again. Don't have children with him, it doesn't sound like your relationship is in a v good place and children rarely improve that.He complains about colleagues/ office politics but all he wants to do is work. He wants to move to US (a very dull and isolated city/town) for his career to be in company's headquarter, has promised that in a couple of years we will move back to UK or go to Asia. Waiting around for your H to be someone different is futile, don’t waste more of your life hiding in an unfulfilling relationship. You could also leave him and start dating and find somebody more on your wave length. But personally I wouldn’t wait around anymore at your age. You have lost all sense of yourself, pride and ambition. You should consider getting a job because you not working with no kids and him being the other extreme don't seem compatible.Let us observe this approach of wife towards her husband who thinks mostly of work at the expense of his family life.Workaholic husbands can cause much dissatisfaction to a wife, as his presence at home will be less.

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