Home improvement the dating game episode

His co-host is the loyal Al Borland (Richard Karn), who is forced to play second-banana to Tim's inept shenanigans - even though he's clearly the more skilled of the two.

Tim's married to Jill (Patricia Richardson), an exceedingly patient woman who has learned to put up with Tim's insistence that all their appliances be outfitted with "more power." Also thrown into the mix are Tim and Jill's three sons: brawny Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), studious Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and eager-to-please Mark (Taran Noah Smith).

(Jill gets jealous after a female reporter puts the moves on Tim during a story).

Tim, of course, screws it up by drinking with his buddies and showing up well after Jill would've liked.

The show has an unmistakably old-fashioned feel to it, with the various characters tremendously likeable and the conflict among them kept to a minimum (unlike, say, Everybody Loves Raymond).

At the center of everything is Tim Allen, a performer who has justly gone on to become a successful movie star (Christmas with the Kranks notwithstanding).

Tim se snaží z rande vymluvit, ošem tím by ztížil situaci Alovi, protože ženy trvají na rande ve čtyřech.

Tim neví zda pomoc svému nejlepšímu příteli Alovi nebo jít na rande s neznámou ženou.

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