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Aside from the game's frequent distortions, the normally calm and shy Yuri becomes gradually unstable, possessive and prone to self-harm.

Yuri's decline in sanity culminates in the act of giving the protagonist a "poem" that is indecipherable and covered in blood and other bodily fluids.

The narration is provided by the game's protagonist, a member of the titular literature club, to which he was invited by his childhood friend Sayori.

At certain points, the player will be prompted to make decisions that determine the course of subsequent events.

Depending on the course of action taken by the player, the game can come to three possible conclusions.

Monika deletes the game over the course of the credits, and the game concludes with a note from Monika, stating that she has disbanded the literature club because "no happiness can be found" in it.

A more positive ending occurs if the player has viewed all of the optional scenes in a single playthrough, which requires saving and loading at several points before witnessing Sayori's initial suicide.

Such decisions affect the development of the protagonist's relationships with the key female characters Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, and Monika.

The characters' interactions with the protagonist are also influenced by a minigame in which the player is required to compose a poem from a set of individual words.

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