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"I went from being a loser wearing a back brace with no friends and being bullied to an internet person," Hanna pauses for a moment, taking stock of it all.

"It was just hard for me to wrap my head around everything I guess." And because of this, Hanna prefers to look at the positive.

To her, it's much more useful to encourage all the young women following her to delve into their passions and channel their energy toward the endeavors that matter to them.

Much like what she did with fashion — something she says "saved her life." "I felt inspired by something and then that kind of turned into my whole thing," she says, a hint of wistfulness coloring her voice.

"I feel like since I did it all then, I have a hard time getting into it now or feeling inspired by it now, because I've done it for so long." "Back then, it was exciting to be yourself — to really be yourself, and people loved that," she says.

"Now I feel like everyone wants you to be the same...

"I didn't understand like what I was going to do in life, because I was just like, 'What the fuck is going on?

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And though stranger people have definitely wandered into this establishment before, somewhat inexplicably, heads begin to turn as she settles down in the corner with her tequila soda, a small smile on her face as she turns her attention to a waiter who desperately wants to chat her up. " He asks excitedly — a question she answers with a deadpan, "I'm a florist." And while it was meant to be a conversation-ending statement, it's something the waiter latches onto, proceeding to ask her about the floral arrangements in the bar.

As she explains it, what she was doing as a teen — going on Model Mayhem, finding any photographer who would shoot her, styling and doing her own makeup — is precisely what she believes Instagram has turned into today.

"People say that [I'm an icon, that they look up to me], and I don't fully understand it or get it," she says.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” actor Chris Zylka has ended his engagement to model Hanna Beth.

The 29-year-old made the details of their split public after going on a nasty Twitter rant.

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