Fake dating ads

Perhaps if Manti Te’o or some of those poor souls on had followed some of the guidelines above, they may not have been fooled into online relationships fake profiles.

Your Turn Have you had experiences with fake online profiles? Tell us what happened, and what you look for when trying to spot a fake profile now.

Reverse Image Search If the profile is fake, a reverse search of the profile’s images will often reveal their true source.

Read our full article on reverse image searches here.

Many people with fake profiles also create fake friends for their profiles to cover their bases.

If they are using fake pictures, they will not be able to honor this simple request.

If they are real, they should have no problem doing it.

High profile events such as the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax and Catfish: The TV Show only highlight how common fake profiles have become.

Today we’ll take a look at some ways to spot a fake profile.

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