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Upon install, it asked me to invite friends with all of my friends selected by default.

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This means not only did I post on all of my friends’ Super Walls, but all of their friends got messages in their mini-feeds saying I did so. A quick browse of the Super Wall Message Boards will reveal a lot of other users angry at this application. You can change your font, color, height, embed links, emoticons, images, You Tube videos, Flash and even HTML.

After about 10 seconds I have 4 items to nuke from my news feed.

It’s not a bad wall and if you don’t mind subjecting your friends to advertising torture you might want to check it out, just be sure to disable it’s access to your mini-feed or you’ll be sorry. but somehow 31 of his friends still have it installed. After clicking the “Add Image or Video” button and being presented with such an incredibly complex page, I gave up and just clicked my back button.

Though, from what I’ve seen, most addons are vampire hugs and other crap you probably don’t care about. Photos can be added to the wall from your Facebook photo galleries, you can upload, or provide the URL to an image on the web. Videos can only be attached from You Tube or Google Video, which I guess is ok since everyone uses You Tube anyway.

Though I do have a complaint about this application, which affected it’s rating…

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