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Rebuilt after the devastating "Great Fire" of 1889, the district is characterized by late nineteenth century brick and stone buildings and one of the nation's best surviving collections of Romanesque Revival style urban architecture.

Established as both a National historic district and a local preservation district in 1970, Pioneer Square is protected by an ordinance and design guidelines focused on preserving its unique historic and architectural character, assuring the sensitive rehabilitation of buildings, promoting development of residential uses for all income levels, and enhancing the district's economic climate for residents, employers, workers, and visitors.

Pioneer Square hit its heyday during the Alaska Gold Rush, which started in July, 1897.

Unfortunately, this period of prosperity was short lived as the district began a rapid and steady decline soon after the turn of the century when the business district began to move northward along Second Avenue.

She is currently in the process of producing her own product line that includes a DVD/Audio series and e-books, and she published two books in 2012: “The Art of MAN-ifesting Mr. Downtown has lots of hookah bars and even if you don’t smoke, they’re great places to meet people.

Right” and “The Science of being Sexy.” Lorraine also leads live seminars and weekend workshops, often at Downtown bars and restaurants, where she helps clients test their newfound skills and learn what works best for each one. To meet people, you have to put yourself out there. Go to a sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday or to watch the Aztecs play. To learn more about Lorraine and her dating services and workshops, visit her website at De Anna

Some of her training includes explaining the social cues of the opposite sex, and Lorraine has had some female clients in powerful, high profile positions that needed help dialing back their tough-as-nails business side when in a casual social setting.

But she also stresses to each client that they have a right to be loved and shows them how to accentuate their best side to potential partners.

This relatively seedy atmosphere characterized Pioneer Square up until the 1970s.

Downtown dating coach says ‘love is in the neighborhood’ David Moye | Downtown News With Valentine’s Day happening this month, love is in the air and one nationally recognized dating expert believes Downtown may just be San Diego’s best place to find it. There’s lots of energy, action and professional singles,” said dating coach De Anna Lorraine, who lives in Little Italy but has her office in Bankers Hill.

“It’s easy to get around and meet a lot of people.” Lorraine should know. Hitch,” Lorraine has been helping single men and women hone their dating skills for the past seven years through her business as “Thee Dating Coach and Romance Resource.” She has also offered her advice on television, on shows such as “Good Morning America” and “The Rachael Ray Show.” Being a dating coach is something the twenty-something entrepreneur started after working in corporate America, but the roots started when she was a young girl growing up in Northridge. I’m the only girl and I’m in the middle,” Lorraine laughed.

The following year Henry Yesler began operating a steam sawmill near where Yesler Way and First Avenue South intersect today.

Logs from the wooded hillsides were skidded down to Yesler's sawmill and wharf.

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